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To Market Maker SA, we offer our customers profitable advanced webinars and training on forex and indices trading.
Market Maker SA is a company that trades currencies, indices and commodities and we also teach ordinary people on how to be a profitable trade to make consistent extraordinary income.

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Our Vision

Market Maker SA was established by young entrepreneurs with a vision to  empower people with financial freedom and literacy. Our goal is to educate people about financial intelligence because we believe that anyone can become financially free for as long as they have the right resources and they follow the right steps to achieving their Financial Freedom.

Our Mission

The company teaches the fundamentals of trading in the foreign exchange markets, how the markets work, the different instruments that can be traded and how to navigate the trading platforms. We further offer financial education products that help our clients to be profitable for the rest of their time as active traders.

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Our Forex Training Courses are ideally for individuals that want to develop their understanding and experience of the financial markets with a view to earning additional income through trading.

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